Hillcrest has significant experience in assuming management of a property.  Many owners become dissatisfied with the financial problems, the general upkeep or the living conditions of the tenants.  That is when they typically look for a new manager.  Our first step is to review all financials to see where the project stands.  From there, we begin to create a budget to remedy any issues.  We meet with the tenants to understand what their experiences have been, what their concerns are and what their expectations are.

Mechanically, we generally begin by cleaning up the areas that the staff works in; mechanical equipment, work shops, pumps rooms etc.  Once the staff understands the level of organization we expect in the non-public areas, they are ready to move on to the public areas.  Concurrently, we re-organize the offices and review all contracts.  Because we manage so many properties, we typically contract at a much lower rate than 1-2 properties can.

It typically takes 6-18 months to bring a property up to our standards depending on the level of necessary rehab but tenants are always happy in the end.  Although we encourage community interaction we have found that most tenant organizations that were formed to get things done, tend to diminish or disband when we take over, because there is nothing left to complain about.

For new construction, we typically come in when the drawings are being created.  Because of our years of experience, we can save the owner a tremendous amount of money by evaluating the plans.  It is amazing to us the amount of waste that we have found in early architectural drawings.  This is not the fault of the architect, just the difference between designing a building and working in one.

We are the single best choice when it comes to operating the kinds of projects that we do.  We have consistently provided the finest housing available at any price, but we do it with economy and trust at the forefront.